Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Virginia Governor Calls Lawmakers To Special Session To Push Laws That Would Not Have Stopped The Virginia Beach Murders

Northam doesn't have the best record on civil rights.
It's no surprise that he has no respect for the 2A.
Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, the same man who is perfectly OK with allowing babies to die, has called the Virginia legislature into special session to propose laws that would not have stopped the murders that prompted them.  His proposals are the typical laundry list that  gun rights opponents trot out after every mass shooting.  They are:

  • Universal background checks;
  • A ban on assault weapons, to include suppressors and bump stocks;
  • An extreme risk protective order;
  • Reinstating the one-gun-a-month law;
  • Child access prevention;
  • Requiring people to report lost and stolen firearms; and
  • Expanding local authority to regulate firearms, including in government buildings.

 None of these seven proposals would have done anything to stop the horrible mass murders in Virginia Beach.  Not one.

Universal background checks

The killer purchased his guns legally.  He even bought suppressor legally - which required a much more exhaustive 8-12 month federal background check, finger prints, local law enforcement notice amd more.  This proposal would not have stopped him.

A ban on assault weapons, to include suppressors and bump stocks;

The murderer used a .45 Cal pistol.  Bump stocks or so called assault weapons were not used.  This would not have stopped the murders.

An extreme risk protective order;

OK, this one is a maybe - if they knew his plans, if they seized all his guns and if he didn't go to the black market and buy a gun after his were seized.  Or if he didn't build a bomb.  You get the idea.  If you want to stop a murder, you have to deal with THE WOULD BE MURDERER.  You have to get them off the street - and into jail or a mental institution.  So, why is it that so many localities want to only deal with the guns and leave dangerous people free to use other means to commit murder?

Reinstating the one-gun-a-month law;

Murders like this one are planned far ahead of time - and only require one gun.  This law would have done nothing to prevent this horrible crime.

Child access prevention;

Thanks to over 100 years of safety training - lead by the NRA - child firearms accidents are at an all time low.  This obviously would have done nothing to stop the murders.  In fact, it could be unconstitutional under the 2008 Heller SCOTUS decision.

Requiring people to report lost and stolen firearms

How in the world this would prevent mass shootings is a total mystery.   It would, as experience has shown, result in charges being filed against people whose guns were, for instance, stolen while they were on vacation - because they "should have known" that their guns had been stolen in a burglary they did not know had happened.  Yes, this has happened.

Expanding local authority to regulate firearms

This is a favorite of gun control advocates.  Their goal is to create a "patchwork quilt" of local gun laws that would be practically impossible for gun owners to follow.  The real goal of this and many of the completely useless regulations pushed by gun control advocates is to make owning a gun legally risky, thus discouraging it.  Someone planning a mass murder is not going to be stopped be any of these laws.  They will just break them.

Including in government buildings

This final proposal is the most absurd and dangerous of them all.   First, the location where the shooting took place was - you guessed it - a gun free zone.  None of the victims were permitted to be armed.  So the governor wants to make all government buildings just like the one where the shootings took place, because that will stop future murders.

It is also insane in that these people actually think that someone who has already decided to kill as many people as possible is going to walk up to a building with a "No guns Allowed" sign, say "Oh Darn!", turn around and leave!

This "No guns allowed" sign didn't stop a mass murderer.
He was stopped when when a Naval Officer fired a gun
he had illegally carried past the sign.

Of course, the reality is that mass murderers prefer unarmed victims.  That's why the single most common characteristic that unites these horrible murders is their location in places where the lawful carrying of firearms is banned.  Virginia's governor thinks that the solution is to create more such places.

Obviously, this man knows all of these facts.  He simply wants to push the gun control agenda.  He is not trying to prevent future mass murders.  He is trying to use this horrible crime to pass bills that are on Bloomberg's list - who likely contributed to his campaign.

He has much real concern for potential victim of mass shootings as he does for babies that happen to survive abortions. 

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